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Subiaco: [08] 9381 2788
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Booragoon Orthodontic Clinic

Suite 4, Gateway Building
Andrea Lane
Booragoon, Western Australia 6154 Ph: [08] 9364 8020
Fax: [08] 9364 7459 ABN 30 720 399 617

Subiaco Orthodontic Clinic

103 York Street
Subiaco Western Australia 6008
Ph: [08] 9381 2788
Fax: [08] 9388 8128
ABN 30 720 399 617

Broome Orthodontic Clinic

C/O Broome Dental Clinic
6 Barker St
Broome WA 6725
Ph: [08] 9192 1624
Mailing Address:
Suite 4, Gateway Building
Andrea Lane
Booragoon WA 6154
Ph: [08] 9364 5100
Fax: [08] 9364 7459
ABN 46 601 831 560

Welcome to the Booragoon & Subiaco Orthodontic Clinics, a longtime orthodontic staple in the Booragoon and Subiaco communities.

As a team, our goal is to provide the highest quality orthodontic care and to achieve an excellent orthodontic result for each and every patient.

To accomplish this, we strive to give special attention to our patients’ individual needs and wants, whilst utilising state of the art technology, appliances and techniques. We offer only the latest braces available, including Invisalign® clear aligners. The Invisalign® system is comprised of a series of clear aligners that straighten teeth without the use of traditional braces. It is ideal for adult patients who want to enhance their smile, but are concerned about the appearance of metal braces.

Our highly trained staff are committed to making each and every visit a pleasant and professional experience. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

Has your Health Fund just paid you a rebate for Orthodontic Services?

Was the Service provided by an Orthodontic Specialist?

If not , did you previously have a consultation and fee estimate from an Orthodontic Specialist?

If not, why not ? Did you know that Orthodontists are trained to provide orthodontic care in the most appropriate, efficient and generally the most economical way?

Health Funds pay a capped amount for orthodontic treatment for a lifetime. Make it count!

Please allow 10-15 minutes ahead of your appointment time in order to find parking on the following dates, Thank you.
The revised dates and times for the removal of the asphalt and tree root removal at the section of Andrea Lane above the entrance to the Gateway car park are as follows:
Wednesday 30/08/2017 - 0900pm-0600am
Thursday 31/08/2017 - 1100pm-0600am
Friday 01/09/2017 - 0900pm-0600am
The new bitumen for this section of Andrea Lane has tentatively been booked to be laid on Monday 01/09/2017 from 0800am - 0200pm, with line marking tentatively booked to follow TUESDAY 05/09/2017.
Traffic control will be in place to ensure that patrons/staff can enter in and out of the Gateway carpark on these days.
We apologize for any inconvenience


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